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Federal Level Tax Filing

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Effortlessly navigate the complexities of federal taxes with Consultisor’s expert guidance and advanced tools. Stay informed about key deadlines and the latest US income tax regulations to ensure compliance.

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Why Choose Consultior for Federal Tax Filing?:

Although the IRS offers online resources, the process can still be confusing and time-consuming. Our team comprises of a wide range of tax professionals who are always ready to assist you.

Easy Filing

Filing your federal tax return online is super easy with just a simple form.

Trusted Partner

Make an informed choice from a range of reputable tax professionals.

Guided Support

Get personalized assistance for a successful tax filing for non-US residents.

Ensuring Compliance

Filing taxes promptly ensures accurate records and avoids penalties.

Comprehensive Assistance

Federal Tax Filing Made Easy

Consultisor simplifies tax filings with a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance for federal-level returns. Maintain an organized record of your tax filings in one platform for easy access and review, when needed.

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The Process Explained

With a team of committed experts, we ensure that tax filing will be a stress-free experience. We handle all the complicated paperwork, while you focus on your business.

Review your information

Consultisor’s team assesses your business to determine applicable deadlines, tax forms, and procedures.

Prepare forms

Our tax professionals help you prepare the required documentation and information for your tax return.

File tax return

Consultisor assists you in filing your tax return with the IRS before the deadline and applying for an extension when needed.

Get confirmation

We’ll keep you informed of the filing status and share the confirmation letter after the IRS accepts the submission. 


The federal tax is one of the main tax categories in the United States, which is directly levied by the IRS over the annual taxable income of individuals and legal entities. It also constitutes the largest revenue source of the US government.

A federal tax return is a document filed annually with the IRS that reports your company’s income, expenses, and other pertinent tax information. It is crucial for legal compliance, ensuring your business pays the correct amount of taxes.

It also helps maintain good financial records and can be important for securing business loans or investments.

Deadlines vary depending on the business structure. Generally, corporations and individuals must file by April 15, while partnerships and S-corporations are required to submit their tax returns by March 15. However, if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the next business day.

Extensions are available but must be requested before the original due date.  

Failing to timely file tax returns can lead to severe consequences, including IRS penalties surpassing $25,000 or even business dissolution. However, with Clemta’s advanced taxation and compliance tools, we ensure you remain compliant and avoid such pitfalls.

Yes, international entrepreneurs may be eligible for certain tax treaties, exemptions, or credits based on bilateral agreements between the U.S. and their home country.

Additionally, issues like double taxation, transfer pricing, and reporting of foreign assets are important and should be considered case-by-case.

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Federal Tax filing

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